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The short version

Ms. Layolle is a specialized professional in international cooperation, marketing communication, project management, and human capital for small developmental countries, with a focus on focused on entrepreneurship programs and innovation.

Ms. Layolle has experience engaging in small business development projects with various government ministries and embassies, where she provides project consultation expertise as project director based in Colombia. Her background includes international cooperation, foresight, development and corporate social responsibility.

Ms. Layolle is experienced in the formulation and general coordination of projects with responsibilities in administration, including preparation of work plans, reports, design of intervention strategies, project implementation and monitoring; Hiring processes, reporting to funding organizations and administration of the project in general.

Ms. Layolle holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design with an emphasis on Marketing from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota; a post-graduate degree in International Cooperation and Management product development from Universidad Externado de Colombia; a postgraduate certificate in Economic Globalization and Industrial Transfer for developing Countries from Wuhan, China; CEVTC-Diploma in Water in Latin America from IDB-Uniandes; and a Diploma in the Business of Branding from School of the Arts, London, UK.

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